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Data is Power

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data strategy

Data Strategy

You have an opportunity for new product development, process optimization or growth – but you are not sure about data.

We work with you to develop a data strategy and roadmap that aligns technology investments to business imperatives.

data engineering

Data Engineering

You are ready to build out modern data systems and data platforms to execute your roadmap.

We bring our inter-disciplinary perspectives and software engineering expertise to accelerate development and drive results.

data engineering

Data Innovation

You are sitting on gold mine of data and trying to figure out how to leverage it in your business operations.

We bring data science expertise to help you uncover opportunities that drive efficiency and profits through iterative experimentation.

Building scalable and sustainable enterprise data systems

Unlike traditional enterprise applications, modern data systems change and evolve based on emerging data-driven insights and signals.

The lifecycle of the enterprise business processes in this new ecosystem is dynamic, each new operational signal captured from data necessitates decisions and new business rules extracted through learning machines. The very nature of this modern data ecosystem requires new strategies and technology infrastructure that are both scalable and sustainable – growing alongside an organization’s needs.

RediMind’s offerings are designed to address this cyclical nature of constantly changing business landscape. Let us help you craft strategies, build applications, mine data for insights and uncover opportunities for innovation.

RediMinds Data Strategy drives Business Imperatives

RediMinds is different. Analytics and technology are our competencies but we focus on business results. RediMinds is there to solve business problems and create new opportunities based on C-suite imperatives.

RediMinds brings a systematic approach to evaluate where an organization is “today” and where it needs to go “tomorrow” and what it will take to get there in terms of the business and technology capabilities on a prioritized roadmap.

data strategy

RediMinds Data Engineering drives results

data engineering

IT nightmare stories are legendary. You have a strategy. But who’s going to execute on it without wasting time and destroying your budget? Who’s going to actually create and deliver on a solution under pressing deadlines? RediMinds.

We work hand in hand with your analytics, business and technology teams to plan, build and operate Big Data and Machine Learning applications. Our data and software engineering expertise can solve for data acquisition, data ingestion, data preparation, data workflow management, and computation enablement to operate and sustain modern day technology ecosystems.

RediMinds Data Innovation drives efficiency & profit

Applying Data Science on your structured and unstructured data assets can be transformative to your operations. But if it is not done by right minds it can be detrimental. That’s where RediMinds comes in.

You need a team of people that think the way you do. People who don’t create more problems than they solve. RediMinds brings expertise in predictive and prescriptive analytics through applied math, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

data innovation

Copyright 2019 RediMinds, Inc


Copyright 2018 RediMinds, Inc

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