Democratizing Data
to Create Intelligent Surgical Tools
A Secure Collaborative Platform to Create the Future of Intelligent Surgical Tools
The Challenge

Bringing artificial intelligence (AI) into the operating room has the potential to save lives, improve safety, and produce better patient outcomes. Building intelligent surgical tools requires two types of expertise: the technical capacity to create AI tools and medical expertise to label large quantities of surgical images for training the AI model accurately.

However, creating these accurately labeled large datasets requires data from multiple healthcare institutions and time-intensive annotation by medical experts. Unfortunately, many AI companies lack access to data and the medical expertise required to understand the surgical images or label objects of interest like tumors, blood vessels, organs, etc.

Similarly, many healthcare institutions have surgical data and access to medical expertise but not the time to annotate or sufficient technical capacity to build AI models. Others have the time for annotation but not access to large repositories of data. For these reasons, collaborations are essential. There are, however, many hurdles to collaboration, including regulatory obstacles to data sharing, questions of data ownership, and annotation tools that do not support the delegation of tasks.

Our Solution


RediMinds has purpose-built a secure platform, “Ground Truth Factory” (GTF), for collaborative development of AI surgical tools. This platform supports data upload, annotation, management, and model building. It is designed to enable secure, fast, and efficient collaboration while reducing the time necessary for annotation.


Our platform is secure and HIPAA compliant. We put a process in place that helps users anonymize the data before uploading it to the platform. In addition, data storage, access, and processing services are governed and compliant with HIPAA guidelines and more.